Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Eat Well Challenge

No you do not need to join a gym to follow any Eat Well Challenge meal plan. While we do encourage exercise and outdoor activity, this is only 20% of the weight loss equation and we want to focus on getting other 80% right.
Only 3 basic items are required to take on the challenge. Kitchen scales, bathroom scales and food storage containers. Fitness trackers are optional. Each and every meal presented to you in the Eat Well Challenge is adjusted (to the gram) for your exact energy needs. For this reason, recipes will be very specific in terms of how many grams of each ingredient you will need and kitchen scales will be very useful in ensuring you stick to the recipes. To keep things simple and easy, we have structured meal plans such that today's dinner is also tomorrow's lunch. This means, dinners cooked today will be the correct portion to be consumed as tomorrows lunch as well. So after eating about 1/2 of your dinner, simply pack the remaining portion into a food storage container and pop it in the fridge to be eaten tomorrow for lunch. Bathroom scales will also be needed to update your weight during the Eat Well Challenge. It is important to update your weight weekly as Meal Plan's are adjusted to your current weight.
You can pay to join the Eat Well Challenge using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or debit card (Visa or MasterCard). We look forward to you coming on board!
We try and support as many browsers, operating systems and devices as possible. If you experience any difficulties while using the website, please upgrade your browsers to the latest versions. We recommend having the latest version of your browser installed to access all the Eat Well Challenge site content. Upgrading your browser is free and easy to do, and has the added benefit of increased security and faster page load. Our videos are streamed via the Eat Well Challenge YouTube Channel and you may need to install the YouTube app on your mobile device to view the videos.
You can share your membership with your family, flatmates or friends and in that way even further reduce your membership costs. You can add extra profiles for each person you wish to include on your Eat Well Challenge. Every member you add will have their own unique goals and commitments. Each extra profile will require personal information, as well as a starting weight and weekly weigh-ins. All meals presented in the Meal Planner will be divided up between all users.
Data usage really depends on several variables, like how many times you watch videos and how much time you will be spending in the online Facebook community, and on the site in general. The Eat Well Challenge videos are not downloadable, so you will need to be logged into the Eat Well Challenge website to watch them. Watching videos over the internet on your computer, smart phone or tablet may incur data usage charges. These charges vary according to your plan or contract you have with your internet and/or mobile service provider. Please contact your service provider for more information on your current allocated data amounts and charges. Most providers offer data usage meters as a free service, and many agreements offer an allocated amount of data usage for free before charges are incurred. To avoid extra charges it's a good idea to become familiar with the terms of your data usage agreement.

Your Eat Well Challenge Membership

  • Weekly Meal Plans so you don't have to think, just follow the plan and feel your health and well-being improve. Each Meal plan has been created such that all prepared dinners are eaten for lunch the next day. This minimises the amount of cooking required.
  • Weekly Shopping List of all needed ingredients for the following week's meal plan. Ingredients you already have in your pantry can be ticked off in the Shopping List before you print it off so you know what is not needed.
  • Weekly articles to keep you motivated and further your understanding of eating well and becoming the best you that you can be. We believe weight maintenance is about creating good eating habits.
  • Access to our comprehensive FAQ section, so you can expand your knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthy and happy life.
  • Access to our Facebook page where you can connect with your fellow Eat Well Challenge members to share stories and experiences and ask for advice.
  • A Dashboard to reflect and record all your personal measurements and track your progress throughout the Challenge.
  • A Personal Diary where you can record and optionally share your experiences during your Challenge.
  • Regular email notifications reminding you of tasks like updating your weight and the arrival of new meal plans.
Eat Well Challenge values your privacy. We work hard to ensure that your details are secure and we will never share them with any other third party unless required to do so by law. We use the latest encryption technology to ensure your transaction is secure. We do not store your credit card details. We use one of the world's leading payment providers to process your transactions.
The Eat Well Challenge program does not have a health fund provider number. As each health fund has many different levels of cover which all pay differently, it's best to contact your health fund to see if you are eligible for a rebate. In addition to a providing an Eat Well Challenge tax invoice/receipt, some health funds may request a letter from your GP that states they have recommended Eat Well Challenge as part of a health management program. Your health fund will be able to confirm if you need to provide this.

Program Outline

The Eat Well Challenge is a unique online nutrition program created by an all Australian company. It uses a technology so unique that it has been patented. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, run a marathon or get in shape post-baby, or you are pregnant - Eat Well Challenge tailors a program for you! We give you week by week access to inspiring content and practical advice to help you achieve your goals during the 4-12 weeks depending on a program you choose. Each round of the Eat Well Challenge comprises of a week of preparation followed by 4-12 weeks of nutrition management via meal planning.

During the Preparation week you will receive:
  • Guidance to lay the foundations for successful weeks to follow.
  • Access to the Eat Well Challenge recipes database so you can start testing out some of our delicious meals.
  • Access to the incredibly supportive Eat Well Challenge Facebook member community.

During the 4-12 weeks following the Preparation week, you will receive:
  • Dashboard and Diary pages so you can track your food, exercise, mindset and body measurements, to stay accountable and responsible for your progress.
  • Access to the Eat Well Challenge member community via the Eat Well Challenge Facebook page.
No exercise is required on this challenge. However we do we encourage you to engage in a fitness program you choose and try and take part in a minimum of 20 minutes a day exercise, be it a brisk walk or a gentle jog. We are aware that this may be a more than what you are used to or it may mean juggling a busy schedule so we always encourage you just to do the best that you can. It's about keeping active and making exercise a part of your everyday lifestyle for the long term.
Eat Well Challenge does require considerable extra work adapting recipes when you have specific dietary requirements. While we don't have pre-prepared vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free or paleo Meal Plans, with tweaking, you can make your Meal Plans work for you. In future, we will create the ability to add your own recipes to the meal plan and our program will tailor them to suit your needs. We have not provided for these special dietary meal plans as they are ont recommended by the NHMRCA (Nation Health & Medical Research Council of Australia).
We encourage members to follow the Meal Plans as they are designed to be nutritionally complete and balanced. Having said that, if there are certain ingredients in a recipe that you don't like you can substitute them. Use the "Swap" feature of your Meal Plan to swap meals from within the Eat Well Challenge standard offering. Consider the useful tips below when swapping meals.

  • Include 5 meals containing lean red meat and/or chicken.
  • Include 2 fish or seafood meals.
  • Don't go overboard on eggs, try to limit your intake to no more than 6 egg yolks a week.
  • Try to include vegetables in your diet.
  • To maximise your nutritional intake, plan for a variety of different vegetables.
  • Opt for wholegrain breads & cereals such as rice, pasta, bread etc.
  • Aim for 2-3 serves of low fat dairy foods per day.

Our Meal Plans are designed to follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines so they are nutritionally complete. If you are customising your Meal Plan, try to keep these tips in mind. Eat Well Challenge has an incredible recipe database with over 500 delicious recipes which you can filter to pull up meals to suit your allergies or dietary preferences.
We understand that you're busy and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen! That's why we make sure all the Eat Well Challenge recipes are easy to make, even if you are new to cooking. The preparation time for most of our meals is under 20 minutes, and the cooking time less than 60 minutes. All our Meal Plans are also fully customisable, which allows you to swap in recipes that have shorter preparation and cooking times on days when you are pressed for time. We also have lots of freezer friendly meals, so you can choose to do a big cook-up on a weekend and freeze meals for ease later during the week! Additionally our recipes are budget friendly with easily accessible ingredients, so you'll save time not having to hunt down obscure items, and our Shopping Lists are linked to your Meal Plans - so you don't have to spend time writing out your own. As a further time saver, we have setup each weekly meal plan to have a single recipe for a dinner and the days following lunch. This cuts overall cooking time down by a third. Simply cook your dinner, eat as much as you can and eat the rest for lunch the following day.
The Eat Well Challenge Meal Plans are suitable for the whole family with a wide range of meals to suit even the fussiest eater. Some examples include mushroom risotto, lasagne, soups, salads and even some classic pub style foods made healthy! The meals are delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare and economical. If there is a recipe in the Meal Plan you don't like, you can substitute it with another. Bear in mind however, that the recipes are tailored to meet your nutritional needs and calorie counts. To check if the changes you made to your meal plan are still within nutritional guidelines check our Cumulative Weekly Intake Tool.
No it is not necessary, it's just another way to stay in touch with what's happening but you will get all the information you need through the regular emails and articles from the Eat Well Challenge website. We suggest members remain within the official Eat Well Challenge channels and encourage a culture of sharing support and information with the wider Eat Well Challenge family via our Facebook page.
Got a question that you can't find an answer to, email us at

Program Dates & Stages

Eat Well Challenge is designed so that everyone starts any time it suits them but it must be on a Monday a maximum two weeks after you complete your sign up. After successful sign up, you will be required to register yourself into the Eat Well Challenge program and set your starting date as either of the next two Mondays.
Preparation is an important step in the Eat Well Challenge program. During the week prior to the commencement of your challenge, you receive tasks and information to help prepare you for the upcoming program. The tasks are simple, straightforward but very important, for example overcoming your excuses, and setting your goals. There is in fact an extremely strong correlation between members who complete their preparation week tasks and the level of success they achieve on the program! They not only prepare you mentally, but also form a solid foundation upon which you can build.
Meal recipes are available immediately after registration during the preparation week. Our first weekly Meal Plan is available on the Thursday of the preparation week. Each upcoming week's Meal Plan is released each Thursday thereafter for the following week, for the duration of the twelve weeks of the program. At the end of the Eat Well Challenge, Meal Plans will no longer be accessible. However all your data will be stored in our databases for 24 months and you will be able to access your profile should you begin another program.
When you finish your program, you can continue to edit your profile and post in your Diary for one week after the program closes, you will continue to have access to the Eat Well Challenge Facebook page to shout out your achievements! Following your last week your Diary will become read only and you will not be able to edit or post new content. During that week you will receive a discount voucher for your next challenge. At the end of your 12 week challenge the following will no longer be accessible via the website.

  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Shopping Lists
  • Recipes
  • Dashboard
Yes, each week is different. The Meal Plans are created weekly with new recipes and articles get refreshed each week.
Participating in the Eat Well Challenge over festive seasons is actually a really good time to jump on board. If you follow the meal plans it will prevent you from piling up those unnecessary kilograms. Replacing the occasional meal with a family event meal will have little impact on your overall outcome. So come aboard, join the program, be part of the Eat Well Challenge family and enjoy your festive period.

Can I do the program if ... (I have health concern)

The Eat Well Challenge is primarily a nutritional challenge and having in mind that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, the program will still work and you will still achieve a great result! Please consult your doctor or physician to determine if any particular food types are detrimental to your recovery.
You can still participate in the Eat Well Challenge. This program is fully personalised and it is suitable for almost anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy. Many Eat Well Challengers have been impacted by various injuries and health issues and have still been able to see excellent results, so you certainly won't be on your own!
Yes, you can participate in the Eat Well Challenge while pregnant, provided you follow nutrition advice given by your doctor. Use our Meal Planner to structure your nutrition accordingly. Do not forget to enter your pregnancy status in your profile. Although weight loss should not be a priority during your pregnancy, some members find that they can still comfortably lose weight particularly in their first trimester. Participation in the Eat Well Challenge is designed to help you not to put on unnecessary weight during pregnancy. The main purpose of participating in Eat Well Challenge when you're pregnant is to get your body and mind into the healthiest shape possible, while managing some of the common symptoms you may feel (such as fatigue and nausea) during your pregnancy.
Provided you have your health professional's permission to participate in a controlled nutrition program, then you can participate in the Eat Well Challenge program. The recipes in the Eat Well Challenge Meal Plans follow strict guidelines - they are low in saturated fat and sodium, and include low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates - making them suitable for those members with type 2 diabetes.
Following the Eat Well Challenge Meal Plans will help to keep your blood sugar levels constant, which helps to avoid the spikes and swings that have so many people reaching for high sugar food and drinks. Those with diabetes need to be much more focused on this than the average person, and the Meal Plans you receive as part of Eat Well Challenge make this much easier to accomplish.
You receive your Meal Plans (and associated Shopping List) for the week, on the Thursday of the week prior, so you have plenty of time to check through everything and make adjustments as you need. As a member of the Eat Well Challenge program, you also get access to all the Eat Well Challenge recipes, so you can "customise" your Meal Plan to suit your needs.
Unfortunately at this stage we do not cater for allergies or intolerances but are working to make this feature available in the future.
Absolutely yes. Be mindful that in the near future we will have a feature to all you to alter how many times you eat a day should you need to due to the nature of the intervention.
Provided you have your doctor's permission to participate in a structured nutrition program, yes you can participate. By modifying the Meal Plans, you can have success with weight management.
Currently we do not have any vegetarian meal plans. A future release of the Eat Well Challenge program will cater for vegetarian meals. All new feature releases are announced via our Facebook page and in this FAQ.
Shortly we will be releasing new features in the Eat Well Challenge which will help you to put on weight in a healthy way. You will be able to select your desired weight in your profile and the Meal Plan will get adjusted accordingly. This is assuming that your difficulty in gaining weight is not due to a medical problem, and that you have the all clear from your doctor to participate in the Eat Well Challenge.
At this stage we do not have vegan Meal Plans but are working hard to make one in the near future.
Provided that you have your health professional's approval to participate in a controlled nutrition program, then you can participate in the Eat Well Challenge. Our Meal Plans are low in saturated fat and sugars which are the leading contributors to high cholesterol. By following them consistently over the course of 12 weeks, members will see reductions in their cholesterol levels.
The Eat Well Challenge program is written so that members of all ages are able to participate. However, there is still a limitation that each profile must be of the age of 3 years or above. By entering your age correctly each meal pan will be adjusted for the needs of a child. We suggest you involve your parents in this decision. In fact, any person under the age of 18 must get their parent's permission to participate in the Eat Well Challenge.
The Eat Well Challenge program is written so that members of all ages are able to participate. By entering your age correctly each meal pan will be adjusted for your needs as a teenager. We suggest you involve your parents in this decision. In fact, any person under the age of 18 must get their parent's permission to participate in the Eat Well Challenge.
Yes! The Eat Well Challenge is a nutrition program and by filling in your age correctly each Meal Plan will be adjusted for your needs.
Yes, just follow your meal plan and you will not be at risk of gaining unhealthy weight.
Provided that you have your health professional's permission you can participate in the Eat Well Challenge. In this case focus on following the nutrition program and try to lower down sodium levels as much as possible by swapping meals which may be high in sodium. Each recipe presents a Nutritional table which includes the amount of Sodium.

Can I do the program if ... (I have other concern)

The Eat Well Challenge is currently geared to move you towards your ideal weight. The challenge caters for weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain.
The Eat Well Challenge Meal Plans are set to daily caloric allowances, so if you are not able to prepare your own meals this plan is not designed for you.
Yes, simply follow the Meal Plan as prescribed having in mind that your first meal after waking up is breakfast.
Yes! There are members from all over the world participating in the Eat Well Challenge and achieving great results.
Yes, you can still participate in the Eat Well Challenge while on holiday providing that you will be preparing your own meals.
While you are able to take part in the Eat Well Challenge as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor, you are not allowed to promote your business within the site or distribute Eat Well Challenge programs, recipes or other content to non-members. Your participation in the Eat Well Challenge is strictly to be for personal purposes only. Any breach of the Eat Well Challenge Terms and Conditions is taken seriously and will result in your membership being suspended.

Calorie Questions

The Meal Plans are individually unique and they vary for each person on the program. There is no need to calorie count as the website is automatically doing this for you. Our focus is on healthy eating and nutrition rather than counting every calorie.
This is a common misconception as 1,200 is a very low calorie amount and whereas it suits some people, it does not suit most others who need more calories. Remember, each Meal Plan has automatically adjusted the amount of calories you require to reach your weight goals.
Recipes and Meal Plans used in the Eat Well Challenge are unique and calculated based on your specific energy needs. Our website adjusts each and every recipe to deliver you the exact amount of calories you need so there will be differences in calorie counts.
Members of the Eat Well Challenge have no need to increase their daily calories as we have calculated exactly how many calories you require. If you ever have trouble finishing any meals because you feel full already, simply do not eat the rest of your meal.
The recommended amount of extra calories for milk production is calculated for you automatically if you have selected "Yes" from the Breastfeeding option in your profile settings.

Eat Well Challenge Meal Plan

It is really simple, each and every meal and snack in your Meal Plan has a "swap" button to allow you to choose another meal.
You can "Swap" out meals with expensive ingredients for meals with less costly ingredients. If you are already at the grocery store and find a particular type of meat on sale, you can buy this item and find a meal recipe which utilises this type of meat. The Meal Plan "Swap" tool gives you the ability to change the meal plan to suit you.
All of the Eat Well Challenge Meal Plans are created to be budget and time friendly. Every Meal Plan is designed so that today's dinner and tomorrow's lunch will be the same and cooked at once. You simply cook your dinner and put about 1/2 away in the fridge to have for lunch tomorrow. This saves time and money on food preparation.
Preparing your food in advance is a great way to save time if you are back at work. The "Swap" meal feature allows you to change the menu around to suit your day. By default, all Eat Well Challenge Meal Plans are designed so that today's dinner and tomorrow's lunch will be the same meal and cooked at once.
Yes you can. The Eat Well Challenge Meal Plan consists of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. If, for example, you want to swap a breakfast or lunch for something else, that is fine, just "Swap" the meal in your meal planner and we will automatically resize any new meal to provide the same calories as the meal which was previously in the meal planner.
To switch between weekly meal plans, from the top navigation bar click on MEALS, then click the "Previous Week", "Current Week" or "Next Week" buttons.
You can change the meal with fish for a different meal using the "Swap" tool, or you can just use a different protein (type of meat) in that recipe. A general simple rule is to just follow the required quantity of fish and swap it with another meat like red meat or chicken in the same recipe.
Yes you can. We actually encourage you to do this because we do not want you to become a slave to the kitchen. A general safety rule is that you should put pre-prepared dishes in the fridge in a tight sealed container as soon as possible. The temperature in your fridge should be 0-4℃. Then simply take it out before you eat and re-heat it in the microwave or oven.
Yes. Most meals can be frozen unless they are a vegetable salad type meal where defrosting would make the leafy greens go soggy.
No need! The Shopping List ingredients quantities have been calculated by your recipe selections for the weekly meal plan. Ingredient quantities are worked out automatically. Once you've started cooking some of the meals you will soon know what specific measurements mean as you'll be used to them. Ingredient measurements are a guide and if you cannot purchase an exact amount, that's fine, get as close as you can. Obviously if ingredients come up on your shopping list as "2g of spice" or "400g of oil" then you purchase a full packet of spice or bottle of oil. If you already have them in your pantry, simply click the check boxes next to these ingredients before you print off your shopping list. There is no need to stock up on unnecessary items. If, for example, the Shopping List has a total of 600g of chicken, which is used for 3 dinners and 3 lunches, and one of the dinner recipes requires 195g of chicken, it is OK to use 200g of chicken. The key here is to use all the chicken up on the 3 dinners and 3 lunches and reduce waste.


While we do encourage exercise and outdoor activity, this is only about 20% of the weight loss equation and we want to focus on getting other 80% right. The Eat Well Challenge is officially an exercise free nutritional program.

Technical Questions

Are you using the correct log in details sent to you when you joined? If you think you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page. You will need to enter your email whereby we will send you an email which contains a new password. After you login you should change your password to something more meaningful. If, after you have submitted your request to reset your password, you do not receive an email from Eat Well Challenge, please check your junk mail folder. If the problem persists, email your account email address you use to login, a screen shot, the details of the issue, the device you are using and the internet browser to
Email your account email address you use to login, a screen shot, the details of the issue, the device you are using and the internet browser to

Breastfeeding Questions

Yes, you can participate in the Eat Well Challenge while you are breastfeeding. Simply select in your profile a breastfeeding option and your meal plan will be adjusted for your needs.
This is a personal decision for each new mother. We recommend not starting to think about weight loss for at least 8 weeks after birth so you don't place any extra pressure on yourself when life is hectic enough with a newborn!
Simply select the breastfeeding option in your profile and you can safely join our Eat Well Challenge.


Our main goal for you is to help you form better eating habits, learn better nutrition and lose weight. This is an eating lifestyle change. We recommend that you stay with us for at least 12 weeks after you finish with your weight loss. The aim of the program is to learn how to maintain weight by yourself.
We are advocates of exercise so it is great you have a personal trainer and are already doing exercise. Combining exercise with the Meal Plan will greatly help your weight loss as once you are consuming all of the correct nutrients that your body needs you will have more energy, better endurance and faster weight loss.
It can be difficult to lose the last 5-10 kilos. This is where diet can play a huge part and this comes from understanding how your body operates and by giving it the correct nutrition and supplements for it to function at an optimal level. The weight loss plans ensures that weight loss is supported so that you lose the excess weight safely and effectively, even without exercise.
Here at Eat Well Challenge, we have consulted professional nutritionists to create an application which requires no ongoing assistance to create meal plans suited to each individual. For this reason we can offer a more competitive product to the public.
We do not offer refunds for a change of mind. If, however, there are extenuating circumstances or medical reasons that prevent you from undertaking the Eat Well Challenge, we will consider a one-off cancellation. Please contact us in writing regarding this by submitting a request to We assess each cancellation and refund on a case by case basis. If a cancellation is granted, you will no longer have access to the program.
You can access your Eat Well Challenge anywhere there is internet access on any device, so you can log in to your program when you're on the go! The Eat Well Challenge website is a fully responsive site that delivers all content to participants on any device. From desktop, to tablet, to smart phone of any size or any make, you'll be able to easily navigate and experience your Eat Well Challenge wherever you are. Simply save our URL to your bookmarks and you're good to go!
Access to the Eat Well Challenge program and content is only available for the duration of 4 weeks or 12 weeks, depending which program you purchased. You will also have access up to a week prior to the start of your program and limited access for a week following the end of your program.
  • Weekly nutritional Meal Plans tailored specifically for you.
  • Weekly Shopping lists, so you can get your groceries organised.
  • Articles each week covering nutrition and wellbeing from our team.
  • Access to over 500 meals and snack recipes.
  • Access to our online community so you can connect with other program participants.
  • A Dashboard to track your progress so you can view historical data of your journey, weight, mood, thoughts and photos.
You should start to see improvements in your mood and energy levels in the first week. Visible changes in your body can be seen at around the 2nd week, although this will vary from person to person.
Everyone is different, but you can expect to lose between 0.5kg and 1.5kg per week depending on your starting weight. Your results will depend on how closely you follow the meal plans.
Yes, you're more than welcome to complete the Eat Well Challenge if you are man. Simply select your gender as Male in your profile and our program will do all the adjustments for you.
Before you start the program, please weigh yourself and take a “before” photo as you will be prompted for this information when starting your challenge. Your Shopping List for week 1 will be presented to you after registration of your program so you can have your groceries ready to go. There are lots of other things you can do to get set up before your Eat Well Challenge starts. To make sure you’re organised and mentally prepared for what’s to come, you can:

  • Bookmark our website so that you can easily log in daily.
  • Ensure you have a set of kitchen scales and some measuring cups. You will need these items as recipes have exacting quantities.
  • Reflect on what it is you really want to achieve from the program
  • Shop for the food you’ll need for your first week. You’ll receive your shopping list on the Thursday before the first week starts.
  • If you know you’re going to be busy, why not pre-prepare the meals you can keep in the fridge or freezer?
  • You will also have access to our Meal Planner before your program starts. You can get yourself familiar with some of the Meal Planner functionality by choosing to prepare some of our delicious recipes. You can also “Swap” out any meals you choose not to eat for more appealing meals.
  • You won’t be asked to get rid of so call junk food. We believe that the treats can be part of healthy diet and we will show you how to incorporate them into your life as snacks.
It is possible you may feel a little hungry at first when you start your Eat Well Challenge. Give your body time to adjust to our portion sizes. Our meals may be a little less than what you're used to eating, but it's the right amount your body needs to fuel itself throughout the day. Our program calculates the meals to ensure you receive the right ratio of nutrients your body requires for optimal performance and weight loss. If you've finished your meal and you still feel hungry, wait 20 minutes after you've finished eating to allow your stomach to register your meal. Or try having a few extra glasses of water to help you feel full and avoid mistaking thirst for hunger. Often you'll find you're not actually hungry anymore.
All meals in our program are easy to make. There is a big focus on real foods and using fresh produce, but we promise we won't forget about treats. We're all about keeping it simple so you can learn these recipes and use them over and over again in your kitchen.
We recommend you have a good working stovetop and oven, along with a set of kitchen scales, measuring cups and spoons. A good range of bowls, baking dishes, oven trays, woks and saucepans will make your time in the kitchen easier. Some of our recipes will call for a food processor or blender, don't worry if you don't have these. You can substitute a different meal if you can't make this particular recipe. You will also need a few food storage containers since our meal plans are made so that you can eat today's dinner as next your day's lunch.
Yes. The Eat Well Challenge program allows your family members to eat with you. The biggest reason why many diets fail is because they are not designed to be shared. The Eat Well Challenge program is designed to set you up for success. Simply add your family member's profiles and include them in your Eat Well Challenge. Set their Goals as Maintain Weight and the program will tell you how to divide up any prepared meals.
Yes. When writing in your Diary, make sure the checkbox called "Share my Diary with everyone on the Eat Well Challenge Facebook page" is unchecked. This way your Diary remains private and only visible by you.
Any information you elect to share on our Eat Well Challenge Facebook page will be viewable by others in the public domain. When writing in your Diary, all notes remain private and only visible by you. All other information contained in your profile is private and not seen by anyone.
Our online transactions are processed by "Stripe", one of the world's leading payment providers, so you can purchase the Eat Well Challenge with the security and knowledge that your credit card details will remain completely private.